About Marfa Ministry
Marfa Ministry          Марфа Ministry

MARFA MINISTRY was inspired by members of the Saratov United Methodist Church, Saratov, Russia.  Marfa is the Russian pronunciation of the name Martha.  Iskusniza (ees koos’neets u) means ‘women who create art.’

Marfa Ministry, established in April 2012, is a nonprofit ministry that supports churches of the world that are struggling to be self-sufficient. The ministry was founded by Janet Fisher, member of First United Methodist Church, Denton, TX. She and her husband, Dennis, traveled to Saratov annually since 2002.  They have witnessed, first hand, the need for completion of the building in order to become self-sufficient. In addition to the Saratov United Methodist Church, Marfa Ministry is helping the Kharkiv United Methodist Church in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Svetlaya United Methodist Church, in Kharbarovsk, Russia and Moscow Theological Seminary.


Mission Statement
Marfa Ministry is a mission based, charitable, nonprofit corporation designed to be the hands and feet of God.  Marfa Ministry will seek to provide support for churches around the world that are struggling to be self-sufficient.  The organization will do this by taking mission teams to the sites and by the sale of items donated by the Eurasian churches.

From the Director
My husband and I have traveled to Saratov annually for the last thirteen years.  We met the members of the Saratov United Methodist Church congregation in 2002 and have worshiped with them annually.  We were excited when they negotiated a new building. With a small congregation and limited resources, we realized they were going to need help to complete the interior.  Please enjoy this website so you understand why this project is so important for the mission of the United Methodist Church.

Janet Fisher
Executive Director

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Board of Directors

  Back Row: Dennis Fisher, Greg Ankeney-President, Robbie Torrey  

Back Row: Janet Fisher, Founder/Director, LaVonne Ankeney, June Berry, Tracey Croissant-Vice President