The Artists

Tatyana Molodyk was the pastor of the Saratov United Methodist Church until August 2013.  In her early career she was a computer engineer with no intentions of becoming a pastor.  While hosting an American visitor, Tatyana observed that he prayed every day and was genuinely happy.  Tatyana became interested in his way of life and beliefs.  Before returning to America he presented Tatyana with a gift…a Bible.

Leaders of the Methodist Church and ministers of the General Board of Global Ministry approached her to see if she was willing to start a Methodist church.  As time passed she became more vested in the project becoming an ordained Methodist minister in 1999.

After construction of the new church building, it was the responsibility of the congregation to complete the interior.  With limited resources and a small congregation, progress was slow.  For additional income, they rented a room in the church to an art teacher.  Tatyana took the art class, learning the skill of collage.  That skill resulted in the beginning of Marfa Ministry.

Tatyana is still supportive of Methodist Churches in the Eurasian Conference so Marfa Ministry continues to sell her artwork.  The church building in Saratov is near completion so currently proceeds from sales go to the Moscow Theological Seminary.

Rev. Igor Pak is the pastor of the Kharkiv United Methodist Church in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  He, along with his sister, Rimma Pak founded the church in 2001. He was an artist before he became a minister.  His work is typical of traditional Ukranian folk art. It is characterized by bright colors and detail.  He offers boxes of all sizes.

Pastor Igor's work, being all one of a kind, has been popular at mission fairs in the United States.  He makes and paints boxes and eggs. The art is incredibly detailed, bright, colorful and traditionally Ukranian.  Last year's supply sold out at the end of the season.

The children in Khabarovsk, Russia are becoming artists.  Assistant Pastor Galina Rychkova teaches art classes to children who are on the streets in Khabarovsk.  As a result of this relationship some children are coming to worship and bringing other family members.  Marfa Ministry reproduces their artwork to make journals and note cards.  Proceeds from this project will go for continued outreach.

When Rev. Tatyana Molodyk was pastor of the Saratov UMC, the ladies of the church began making products for sale also.  Olga, who is a tailor by trade, has an amazing gift for detail.  Her handmade tapestry bags  sell out every year.  Other ladies in the church also make household products that are both beautiful and useful.  These items are always crowd-pleasers at the mission fairs.
Tailor Olga with Vladimir and Masha.
Katya and her family.

Katya shopping with Janet for towel fabric.